Bharat Ramamurti

Former Deputy Director, National Economic Council

Washington, DC



  • White House National Economic Council (Biden administration)
  • Congressional Oversight Commission for the CARES Act
  • U.S. Senate
  • Warren for President


  • U.S. economic policy
  • Federal budget and fiscal policy
  • Competition and anti-trust
  • A.I. and technology industry regulation


  • Yale Law School, J.D.
  • Harvard College, A.B.

Recent Coverage

NOV 30, 2023

The Messenger: Business Newsletter

Bharat Ramamurti, the former deputy director of President Biden’s National Economic Council: A big part of what every candidate is going to have to do, what the administration is going to have to do over the next year, is figure out what is driving people’s perception of the national economy and how is that different than what’s affecting their own personal financial situation?

NOV 30, 2023 

CNN: Price hikes and spending cooled last month, Fed’s preferred inflation gauge shows

“If you look at the three-month average for core PCE, it’s coming in at 2.5%, and so that’s pretty darn close to target,” Bharat Ramamurti, former deputy director at the National Economic Council, told CNN in an interview.

“During the last couple of years, as we were coming out of the economic downturn, we were sprinting to recover the position that we were in pre-pandemic,” Ramamurti said. “And it worked: We largely got to the front of the pack. But we’re running a marathon, and you can’t sprint the whole marathon, and you have to settle into a steady pace.”

SEP 19, 2023

Business Insider | There’s ‘absolutely still a chance’ student-loan borrowers will get broad debt cancellation, AOC says 

As Insider has previously reported, the negotiated rulemaking process could take at least a year. Bharat Ramamurti, deputy director of the National Economic Council, said during a July press briefing that “you have to intake the comments that you get from the public, and then you have to decide whether to change your proposal accordingly before you do the next public hearing.”

“But we are aiming to do it as quickly as possible,” he added. “And so, we will give you more updates as we hit each milestone in that process.”

AUG 14, 2023

Associated Press | Biden and House Democrats hope to make curbing ‘junk fees’ a winning issue in 2024

“I think most people experience at least one kind of junk fee each month,” said Bharat Ramamurti, deputy director for the White House’s National Economic Council and a former top economic adviser to Warren. “Across party lines, there’s broad support for addressing these fees, either eliminating them or disclosing them upfront so that people can shop with full transparency.”

JUL 5, 2023

ABC News | Biden’s Plan B on student loan forgiveness relies on Higher Education Act: What to know

Bharat Ramamurti, the National Economic Council’s deputy director, said on Friday that “even a typical rulemaking process can take some amount of time. You have to do a proposal, it has to receive comments, it has to be finalized and so on.” A negotiated rulemaking process is “even more complicated,” Ramamurti said, and will involve public hearings. The Education Department will hold one virtually on July 18.

“One of the things about the rulemaking process is that we can’t actually prejudge its outcome. Part of how we do this process is how we initiate it, we put a proposal on the table, we work with stakeholders to get their input. That ends up shaping the scope of the proposal. … You’ll hear more about that as we get to each state to the process going forward,” Ramamurti said.

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About Bharat

Bharat Ramamurti served as Deputy Director of the National Economic Council and Advisor for Strategic Economic Communications in the Biden-Harris Administration. In that role, he helped shape the Administration’s economic message, worked with Congress to secure the enactment of several landmark pieces of economic legislation, and helped lead the Administration’s efforts on student debt, competition policy, broadband, artificial intelligence, social media platforms, financial regulation, and more. Before joining the Administration, he was appointed as a Member of the Congressional Oversight Commission for the CARES Act by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. He previously served as the top banking and economic policy advisor for Senator Elizabeth Warren, including during her presidential campaign. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School.