Our Experts

The Bureau includes former administration officials, policy experts, economists, and leaders in academia available to speak to a wide range of issues and add underrepresented voices and new perspectives to economic coverage.

Skanda Amarnath Executive Director, Employ America
Bilal Baydoun Director of Policy and Research, Groundwork Collaborative
Sharon Block Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Labor and a Just Economy, Harvard University Law School
Zach Butterworth Former Director of Private Sector Engagement, White House
Kathryn Anne Edwards Economist
Michele Evermore Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation
Jessica Fulton Vice President of Policy, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Kate Gordon Former Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy
Jennifer Harris Former Senior Director, National Security Council and National Economic Council
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs
Bobby Kogan Senior Director of Federal Budget Policy, Center for American Progress
Michael Linden Senior Policy Fellow, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Rakeen Mabud Chief Economist and Managing Director of Policy and Research at the Groundwork Collaborative
Shilpa Phadke Former Deputy Director, White House Gender Policy Council
K. Sabeel Rahman Professor of Law, Cornell University Law School, and Co-Founder, Law and Political Economy Project
Bharat Ramamurti Former Deputy Director, National Economic Council
Kitty Richards Senior Strategic Advisor, Groundwork Collaborative
Ganesh Sitaraman Professor of Law and Director of the Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator, Vanderbilt University Law School
Graham Steele Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Treasury
Shayna Strom President and CEO, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Elizabeth Wilkins Former Chief of Staff to the Chair, Federal Trade Commission
Tim Wu Professor, Columbia Law School